We make your projects super and natural

We make your projects super and natural

Who We Are

Nature Protectors

Supernatural is founded by one of the leading bat experts in the region. Our small team boasts years of knowledge and experience focused on:

Site suitability assessment where successful project development gets along with nature protection goals.

Implementation of bat monitoring programs as part of all phases of renewable
energy projects.

Bringing best expert knowledge on project specific mitigation measures.

Complete support in technical and administrative needs of project development.

What We Do

Our Expertise


Using thermal imaging, we can survey bats in flight and identify migration routes as well as their behaviour around project site. Observation with thermal imaging sensors is an advanced method of visual tracking and makes it possible to collect precise data and monitor bat passes even in poor visibility and during the night. Collected data allows us to assess possible impacts of windfarms or other projects on bat populations. Based on those assessments, our experts offer support to help minimise impact of your projects and make it more sustainable and bat-friendly.


Our team boasts certified cavers, experienced in monitoring of underground bat roosts. Regular monitoring of such roost sites, as well as those above ground, in buildings etc., should be conducted regularly to note whether changes in abundancy or species composition occur. Identifying such changes is crucial in assessing impacts of projects and proposing mitigation measures, where needed. We offer planning and execution of surveys to identify, locate and monitor roost sites around and in the project area.


Good data analysis is required to develop appropriate mitigation measures, and this is exactly what our team offers - years of experience in data collection and interpretation. By assessing relations between bat activity, microclimatic conditions, land topography, and temporality, our approach is to develop refined and project specific solutions. We provide detailed data analysis, based on which we consult on how to minimize impact and losses on both the environment and your project.


Bats are our passion and we have dedicated years of work to studying and protecting them. Our small team is led by one of the most prominent bat experts in the region, and we are committed to advancing our understanding of their biology, behaviour, ecological interactions, and possible impacts on populations of these, often misunderstood, animals. Our specialized knowledge allows us to conduct comprehensive surveys, employing cutting-edge technology to monitor bat populations and their roosting sites. By continuously pushing the boundaries of bat knowledge, we aspire to drive conservation efforts and ensure a brighter future for these essential species.


Using advanced bat sound recording techniques during the monitoring period, our team assesses bat presence, species composition, abundance, and activity levels within the project area. We use advanced ultrasound bat detectors which records ultrasound using time-expansion. Additionally, our team employs the heterodyne (HET) technique to track bat flight direction in real time. The recorded data is analyzed using specialized software and relevant scientific literature. This approach provides valuable insights into bat behaviour, aiding in the identification of critical foraging areas, commuting routes, and overall bat activity within the project area.


In addition to transect monitoring, our team expands its services to include continuous bat sound recording. This approach offers a deep insight into bat behaviour and activity patterns over the specified time period. The stationary monitoring equipment consists of an ultrasound detector with a solar power assembly and a microphone stand, ensuring uninterrupted data collection even at undeveloped sites. Our team analyses all recorded data using specialized ultrasound analysis software, along with relevant scientific literature.

Our Team Of Experts

Mirna Mazija


Amalia Brkić

Junior Expert

Tea Huten

Junior Expert

Stjepan Renje

Senior Expert